London Week Talk May 6th 2017

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Craft Week 2017

Event: May 6th 2017
It’s London Craft Week next month. Retrouvius‘ Maria Speake, Tracey Neuls and journalist Hettie Judah will be in conversation exploring the tactile nature of materials in their design process.

Maria Speake of Architectural salvage and design purveyors Retrouvius and Tracey Neuls discuss the role of craft in their practices. Speake shares her approach of making with reclaimed materials and a history of collaborating with craftspeople — challenging them to engage with rescued materials, with an emphasis on materials and tactility. From reinventing unwanted timbers and textile fragments to re-imagining the traditional form of a shoe, through clay sculpting and highly specialist finishes, these two particular women will discuss their expertise in their respective fields and the role of Craft when realising their designs and visions. Talk chaired by Hettie Judah.

May 6th 2pm – 4pm | Limited availability £18 | Tickets here

Easter Opening Hours

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Tracey Neuls Shop opening hours


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It’s the official Tracey Neuls seasonal sample sale.
Taking place at our East London shop, with a full range of styles, sizes and men’s collection included.

Friday 31st March: 11am – 6pm
Saturday 1st April: 11am – 6pm

Tracey Neuls East
73 Redchurch Street
London E2 7DJ

Mother’s Day | Generation Tracey Neuls

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Tracey Neuls Mothers Day Russian Dolls

To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, we asked designer Tracey Neuls, her mother Gail and her 12 year old daughter Viola questions for some inter-generational insights.

What are your earliest memories associated with shoes?

Gail: I used to especially like the navy or black and white saddle shoes that we wore in the fifties. Grandma bought shoes for us when they occasionally went across the border shopping and we loved them but so often they didn’t fit. I believe that is why I now have bunions because I would just wear them anyway.

Tracey: I remember sitting in my Mom’s closet on top of all of her shoes and trying them all on. I would swivel on my bottom from pair to pair. When my older sister went out, I would also go into her closet and have a stroll in her heels. I never did this with clothes or anything else, just shoes.

Viola: When I was three, Mum would take me on walks in my stroller. I would wear a pair of high heeled boots that poked out of the blanket.

What did your younger self want to be?

Gail: My closest friend called Star, lived across the street from us and we used to always play that we were Roy Rogers or Gene Autrey. We both especially wanted to be Roy Rogers because we love their horse Trigger who could do all these tricks etc. I was Grandpa’s boy that he didn’t have I guess.  Anyway, I always wanted to be a real cowgirl.

Tracey: I always wanted to design clothes. I used to have several Barbies and they all had the most magnificent home made clothes and shoes. I would spend so many of my free hours making miniature outfits for them.

Viola: When I was younger I wanted to be a vet.

What are your ambitions?

GailArt was my great love as a kid too. Us girls spent a lot of time with our new colouring-in books that they bought for us in Regina when they went shopping.  I remember colouring one page only 2 colours. I would still like to get a lot better at perspective. Also, if I was brave enough I would like to take swimming lessons so I can keep up with everyone else and actually enjoy going in the water.

TraceyI think it is really important to do something that I enjoy doing. I didn’t have the idea to become a shoe designer because I wanted fame or fortune, footwear is not the vehicle for this. I am driven by a genuine passion for the design of shoes and making women who wear them as happy as I am creating them.

Viola: To become a horse trainer.

What are traits of your mother that you most admire? 

GailHer creativity, humour and cooking.

TraceyMy Mom is always good fun. She is always bubbly and extremely kind to people. I don’t think I have met another woman who is as thoughtful and selfless.

Viola: She can make anyone laugh

Is there anything you wish you hadn’t inherited from your mother? 

Gail: I can’t really think of anything I inherited from Mom as almost everything was from my dad.

Tracey: Inheriting her humour is a double edged sword. I think it’s good to laugh, but I can wreck myself laughing from the most ridiculous thing said. Because I can visualise anything, the joke will relive itself over and over in my head gaining momentum in hilarity and there is nothing I can do to stop the fits of laughter until it has run its course. Nuts.

Viola: Laughing when people trip

What is one of your favourite films? 

GailSo many films I loved but would have to say “Guess who’s Coming to Dinner” with Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracy, and Katherine Hepburn.

Tracey: Django is one of my favourites. The dialogue is witty and the characters are surprising. A great sound track, Tarantino style.

Viola: Django.

Who is one of your favourite Hollywood icons? 

GailPaul Newman

TraceyWell, I have to admit that I think Paul Newman is probably the most beautiful male to look at. So if you are asking on those terms, he is the man.

Viola: Brad Pitt.

Name a favourite song of yours?

GailElvis song called An American Trilogy.

Tracey: The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

Viola: Mercy by Duffy

What is your idea of glamour?

GailBe unique and be yourself.

TraceyGlamour is inside. In film when you see Vampires ‘glamouring’ people, it for sure is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter how many jewels you put on the outside, it won’t make you glamorous.

Viola: Something that makes you or someone else exited or admire you.

If you had to choose a last meal, what would you eat? 

Gail: Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Tracey: Scallops on crushed peas.

Viola: I like it when my mum cooks chicken for dinner, it tastes better than any restaurant.

What do you do when you are anxious or stressed to make it less so?

GailPaint or go biking.

Tracey: Pilates or contrary, have a glass of wine :-)

Viola: Fiddle with my hair

If you could time travel where and when would you go? 

GailI would go to my teen years and take school more seriously.

TraceyI live in the now, I don’t time travel. I seriously don’t wish to go back anywhere or for that fact too far in advance either.

Viola: I would go back to when my Grandparents had Arabian Horses at their home on Vancouver Island.

What is your favourite animal and why? 

GailA dog of course! We have had dogs all our life and wouldn’t have wanted to be without them.  They always have something to give you that you remember, lots of laughs, so forgiving and smarter then you think. Definitely your best friend.

TraceyThis isn’t the ‘if you could be any animal, what would it be’ right? I would never want to be a dog, but I do think they are the animal I would want around me more than any other. The human dog relationship is enjoyably symbiotic.

Viola: My Frenchy Bobo because he is so loving and adorable

What’s a piece of advice you would give to men about women? 

GailGive them lots of love with enough space to be your own person.

TraceyI think men in general could do a bit more listening rather than fixing.

Viola: Don’t piss us off because we will come back at you.

Which is a favourite Tracey Neuls shoe design of yours and why? 

GailI really liked your early 2000’s shoes, made in the shape of a foot, So unique and comfortable. Also, the shoes that are tied with laces—probably because I like sweaters, shirts dresses that have buttons down the front, on the sleeves or on the back.  Such nice finish and detailing.Unique is the word and your shoes are it. I love all your styles and it’s great that now your Dad is wearing shoes from your men’s collection too. He gets a lot of good compliments on them.

Tracey: That’s like asking a mother who their favourite child is! I am often asked if I wear any other designer’s shoes and I don’t. I do actually favourite my own designs!

Viola: My favourite is the Jazz because ‘Jazzy’ is my nickname so it’s a personal thing.

Dean Black and Gold

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Tracey Neuls Dean

Hidden Gold
Soft black athletic mesh overlays gold metallic leather. Subtly sporty and very chic. This thick, cushioned rubber sole can be causally lived in but for a smarter option. In store now and online soon.

Geek Reflective Derby | Kangaroo Island | South Australia

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Geek Derby Shoes Tracey Neuls

Alice Prier wearing Tracey Neuls Geek Reflective Grey Derby shoes while visiting Kangaroo Island in South Australia. To read more about her adventures, follow the link here.

SAMPLE 4th & 5th March

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Hemingway Design present SAMPLE, a celebration of the start of the each new season through fresh produce and modern craftsmanship. A well curated showcase of creatives from worlds of fashion, beauty, art, design and homeware. Designer Tracey Neuls will have a selection of archive shoes and current styles at sample sale prices.

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th March
Lots of size 37’s and prime sizes available
Prices from £50

Facebook Event Page




Coming Soon…

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For SS17 reservations email


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